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Safer, easier, better contact, mobility and space-saving


Babies often have to endure a lot during their care. This being the case, for example, when the baby is moved from the crib to the changing table or nursery dresser and vice versa. Especially handling the baby entails the risk of falling from the nursery dresser or crib, or damaging their neck and back, when the displacement is insufficiently supported.

Parents or other caregivers often do not have easy access to care for the baby with a crib and a changing table. The height difference between crib and changing table is one of the most important problems here. In particular the back, but also the arms and neck are prone to the risk of being damaged by insufficient support during that movement. Another problem is due to the fact that the nursery dresser and crib are not easily movable. As a result, the baby has to be left behind after care in order to give the caregiver the opportunity to attend to other activities. One of the consequences is that contact with the baby is lost, which is not pleasant for the baby, as he/she wants either sleep or stay awake as close to the mother as possible. For parent or caregiver there is the chance that, if the baby needs attention or help, this could be undetected.

The BabyCombi provides a solution for all these problems and dangers when taking care of a baby. Use of the BabyCombi makes that the baby no longer needs to be moved between crib and nursery dresser, the benefit of which increases as the baby needs to be examined or treated more frequently. Think, as an example, of a baby suffering from diarrhea, when diapers needs to be changed more often. Furthermore, the sliding window provides a facility that makes it impossible for the baby to fall off the changing table during care. Due to the easy portability of the BabyCombi, contact with the baby can continue when the caregiver has to engage in other activities.

The BabyCombi is designed to be suitable for babies until they can stand up. Moreover, it is very suitable to accommodate a newborn twin.

The BabyCombi is available in two sizes. One variant has a mattress with diameter of 70 cm. With this, it can pass a doorway of 80 cm. The mattress of the other variant has a diameter of 85 cm.

Finally, the dome can be used for the placement of extra facilities. A hanging toy for the baby, but also a camera, a monitor or an infusion.



At the nursing ward

Here the BabyCombi has even more benefits than at home, as it enables equipment need not be shared with other babies, reducing chance of transmission of infectious diseases. Because doorways in hospitals are often wider than at home, it is obvious to opt for the larger version when purchasing a BabyCombi.

In the outpatient clinic

The same benefits apply as in a nursing ward. Moreover, the properties of the BabyCombi often offer the physician the opportunity to carry out examinations or treatment without assistance.


During transport, the baby is better accessible for urgent examination and treatment.

Other applications:


Here safety, ease of use, space-saving and prevention of infectious diseases offer better conditions for both the baby and caring.

At work

The features of the BabyCombi make it possible to combine work with care of a baby. As a result, professional work can often be resumed sooner after giving childbirth. Examples: Mother with a (private) office space. With her desk on one side and the BabyCombi on the other side of the room, with the baby sleeping. At the end of the day the BabyCombi with baby can be moved to another room in the house or to the parking space of the company she works to go home.

Parent with baby on a trip or holidays (hotels/airports/recreation parks)

The many features of the BabyCombi make it possible to offer parent and baby better and more comfortable conditions.

Business opportunity offered

This project was adopted by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) of the European Commission in their database of business opportunities, listed as Opportunity BONL20200825001

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